Norway lifts all quarantine restrictions

Norway, having vaccinated 76% of the population, abandons quarantine The authorities announced that the country can forget about social distancing and return to normal life. The Norwegian authorities will cancel the quarantine rules and restrictions that were in force in the country during the pandemic starting next Saturday. On Friday, September 24, reports Reuters. For […]

Poland commented on the decision of the EU court on compensation

Photo: Reuters (archived photo) Poland considers EU fine disproportionate to the situation The country’s authorities will not close the Turov mine, as it would jeopardize the stability of the Polish energy system, the government said. Warsaw considers the decision of the court of the European Union to pay 500 thousand euros for each day of […]

Czech residents refuse AstraZeneca vaccine

Czechs refuse AstraZeneca COVID vaccine The authorities of the republic are forced to dispose of tens of thousands of doses of the coronavirus vaccine, as their expiration date is running out. Residents of the Czech Republic no longer want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with the vaccine produced by the American company AstraZeneca, preferring […]

The rapper is being tried in Belarus for the song “Lukashenko, go away!”

Photo: Evgeny Petrov is on trial for a song against Lukashenka Authorities found the 22-year-old musician’s song offensive. The young man faces up to four years in prison and a large fine. The trial of 22-year-old rapper Yevgeny Petrov, who wrote a song about Alexander Lukashenko, which the authorities called “offensive”, has begun in […]

Three hours a week: China imposes restrictions on online games for children

Photo: China cut minors’ access to online games The country’s authorities clearly regulated the time that minors can spend playing online games. In China, authorities have set limits on the amount of time children can play online. Minors were banned from playing for more than an hour on Friday, holidays, and weekends. On Monday, […]

Covid-19. US officials recommend vaccine for pregnant women

The pregnant women can safely receive a vaccine against the Covid-19, announced Wednesday the American health authorities, faced with a worrying level of hospitalizations of future mothers. Vaccines are safe and effective, and scaling up vaccinations has never been more urgent, as we face the highly contagious Delta variant and severe consequences of Covid-19 in […]

Smoke from fires reached the North Pole (Overview)

The smoke from Siberia has traveled over 3,000 km The Greeks are jumping against the authorities – they are not responding adequately to the disaster Prime Minister Mitsotakis apologized, giving 500m in aid to those affected by the blaze Heavy heat in Italy, alarm in Rome and 7 other cities Forest fires in Siberia are […]

NSDC made a decision on electricity tariffs

Photo: Electricity tariffs promise not to increase The authorities promise not to allow an increase in tariffs for the population. Enterprises in the energy sphere are threatened with temporary administrations. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at a meeting of the NSDC on Friday, July 30, set the task to prevent an increase in electricity tariffs for […]

China introduced subsidies for the second and third child

Photo: In China, they began to pay for the second and third child The authorities are recording a drop in the birth rate, which is why a decrease in the number of able-bodied citizens and a fall in the economy are expected. The authorities in Panzhihua City in Sichuan Province, China, are the first […]

Wildfires rage in Italy, France and Spain

Photo: Wildfire in Sardinia Aviation was involved in extinguishing large-scale forest fires. Italian authorities have asked other EU countries for assistance. Large-scale forest fires are raging in the south of France, in Spain and on the Italian island of Sardinia. Some of the local residents were evacuated. It is reported by DW. In the […]