Wisma Athletes Still Treating 5,921 Covid-19 Patients

KOMPAS.TV – The COVID-19 emergency hospital showed a decline in Covid-19 patients since Tuesday afternoon. From the initial number of 7,167 patients, it decreased to 5,921 or was at 75% occupied. This is due to the opening of the Naggrak Flats for Covid patients as well as the Emergency PPKM implemented by the government. The […]

History of Liza Putri Noviana Nakes Wisma Athletes Sick to Death due to Corona

Jakarta – A health worker (nakes) at the COVID-19 Emergency Hospital (RSDC) Wisma Atlet, Kemayoran, Jakarta, named Liza Putri Noviana, fall after positive Corona. What was the history of Liza Putri Noviana’s illness before she died due to COVID-19? Reported from Antara, Friday (6/25/2021), the Jaya Regional Commander Maj. Gen. Mulyo Aji explained that Liza […]

First, Nakes Wisma Athlete Died Exposed to Covid-19

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A health worker (nakes) who served in the Emergency Hospital (RSD) Athlete’s House Kemayoran died in a condition exposed to Covid-19. He died after more than a week of being treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to exposure to Covid-19. “One of our health workers who died of Covid, […]

Don’t be surprised, this is the current condition of the Wisma Athlete Emergency Hospital

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Number of patients Covid-19 The number of patients undergoing treatment at the Covid-19 Emergency Hospital, Kemayoran, Jakarta, is still increasing. One of the Covic-19 patients who is currently undergoing treatment at Wisma Atlet, AYS, shared the current condition of the hospital. Since arrival, he said the patients kept coming. “From the […]

There is a spike in Corona cases, will DKI Jakarta be locked down?

Jakarta – The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government admits that it is studying various possibilities, including implementing lockdown in the capital, after the soaring cases of COVID-19. Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria said that his party was waiting for the central government’s decision. “We will study it later, waiting for the central decision,” […]

Real Portrait of the Corona Spike from Lesehan Queuing to Enter the Athlete’s House

Jakarta – RSDC Athlete’s House Kemayoran experienced a surge in COVID-19 patients. The patients had to sit in line to enter the isolation room. Portraits of Corona patients queuing up were recorded in a 10-second video. The video went viral and got the spotlight. In the video, residents can be seen taking turns collecting data. […]

Queue of the Athlete’s House Snagged Last Night, Patients Passed 5,453

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Coordinator of Public Relations for the Covid-19 Emergency Hospital (RSD) Athlete’s House Marine Lt. Col. M. Arifin confirmed the conditions queue citizens are exposed corona virus (Covid-19) snaking at the Kemayoran Athlete House Monday (14/6) night. Arifin said the queues occurred because the increase in Wisma Atlet patients could reach hundreds […]

Viral Queue of Athlete’s Home Patients, What’s the Real Condition Like?

Jakarta – Viral on social media the condition of the COVID-19 Emergency Hospital (RSDC) Wisma Atlet Kemayoran which was full of patients. One of these news was shared by Dr. Tompi on his personal Twitter account. “Got IGD video distribution Athlete’s House last night…very worrying,” wrote Dr. Tompi. [Gambas:Twitter] Regarding the condition of the queue […]