For the time being, no more free FFP2 masks for the unemployed – news from Bremen

FFP2 masks are easy to buy for any average earner. The situation is different with those where literally every penny has to be turned over. (Daniel Karmann) Another initiative by the federal or state government to distribute FFP2 masks free of charge or at a reduced price to risk groups and recipients of unemployment benefits […]

Praise for Merkel’s decision: Bremen’s reactions to the canceled Easter rest period – Politics: Current news and reports

Easter rest stopped: Chancellor Angela Merkel took over responsibility for withdrawing the lockdown plan for the holidays on Wednesday. (MICHAEL KAPPELER / DPA) Bremen. Bremen’s economy and the churches welcome the decision of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to withdraw the Easter rest period and to stick to the traditional regulation with shops and restaurants open […]

Low-contact vacation: Setback for providers of holiday apartments – News from Bremen

Bookings are abundant: If it is up to the landlords of holiday apartments and the operators of campsites, contactless holidays could come right away. (Mohssen Assanimoghaddam / dpa) The federal and state governments have extended the lockdown until April 18. In view of the drastically increasing number of corona infections, the federal and state governments […]