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The sports hall on the district sports facility south in Huckelriede is in need of renovation. From federal funds, 3.5 million euros are now flowing to Bremen, with which the hall is to be repaired again. (Roland Scheitz)

Nothing going on without moss. Everyone knows the saying that goes to the heart of every purchase. Regardless of how the individual thinks about it: The economic, man-made reality often demands a look into the piggy bank from voluntary and committed projects when it comes to doing good, building new things, mending things or buying things. This also applies to the clubs in the south of Bremen. So that this club-sized piggy bank does not have to be looted in its entirety, there are public pots from the federal, state and local governments. And this year, too, a lot will flow to Bremen actors so that they can implement what citizens want. The sum: more than three million.

The sponsored sites also include a sports hall in Huckelriede with a changing room on the grounds of the district sports facility south. Around 2.5 million euros from the Federal Ministry of the Interior’s “program for the renovation of municipal facilities in the areas of sport, youth and culture” will be used to renovate the building. This was communicated by the speakers from the Senators for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Urban Development and Housing (Maike Schaefer, Greens) as well as for Social Affairs, Youth, Integration and Sport (Anja Stahmann, Greens). The hall affected by the work is located in the front part of the site facing the main street, near the gastronomy. The need for renovation of the gaming hall and the immediately adjacent changing building, as the authority officially calls the complex, was determined in the course of an inventory carried out in 2018/2019. Both buildings are therefore no longer up-to-date in terms of their furnishings – year of construction: 1978. After the engineering offices determined the requirements last year, according to Immobilien Bremen, the actual design phase is now under way. The following are planned: fire protection measures, the creation of barrier-free access and an energetic partial renovation. According to the current state of planning, the building will be completed in 2025 – with a total investment volume of around 5.5 million euros, as Fabio Cecere from Corporate Communications at Immobilien Bremen explains.

One million euros from the municipal program

In addition to this large-scale funding, however, numerous smaller sums are also distributed. However, these do not come from federal funds, but come from the city of Bremen, which releases sports funding. Around one million euros is to be made available to sports clubs in 2021 for current expenses and investments in the course of sports funding from the Senator for Social Affairs, Youth, Integration and Sport. A large part of this has already been approved in a first allocation round – also to clubs to the left of the Weser. The range of ideas that can be implemented with the help of this money is also large: renovations, expansions, planning for new buildings, replacement of lighting systems and much more. One of the largest sums of this funding period goes to TS Woltmershausen with more than 33,000 euros, which will fundamentally renovate three tennis courts. According to the association, the last work of this magnitude was more than 30 years ago. This is why these investments are urgently needed, for example to be able to continue playing point games in the league on site.

Another beneficiary in Neustadt is ATSV habenhausen. This receives 20,000 euros for various purposes. The largest share is due to the planning of a multi-purpose hall to be built, as the association intends, since the current capacities are exhausted. The 12,500 euros are only half of the money requested for this purpose. The sports club receives a good 6,000 euros so that it stays warm in the hall on Kästnerstrasse even in winter, because the heating system is to be repaired here. It costs around 1200 euros to replace the outdated neon light sources. In the future, modern and, above all, more economical LED lamps will be used.

Lots of smaller items

Around 24,000 of the 38,000 euros requested were granted to BTS Neustadt to repair the roofs of the sports halls on Erlenstrasse and Volkmannstrasse. These are getting on in years and no longer keep out the weather to the extent expected from a roof – namely as a whole. In addition, the pump on the lifting system of the sewer of the sports facility on Erlenstrasse is to be replaced with a further almost 2000 euros. Cheaper partial repairs were unsuccessful. If this is not done in time, the worst case scenario could result in complete flooding of the hall area.

On the other hand, the Bremer Yacht Club is deliberately drawn further into the wet. He is allowed to expand his jetty with around 10,000 euros from municipal funds in order to be able to allocate more water berths for boats. Because this is exactly what the association promises its members – and according to the association, their number rose by 18 in 2020. Things are getting tight in the existing port. TuS Komet Arsten is all about fresh air in its hall on Egon-Kähler-Straße. Whether because of Corona or just for the sake of the athletes: Good ventilation is something that some people enjoy, and this is exactly what one expects from the automation of window closing mechanisms in the future. Thanks to this, no window should remain open in the evening due to negligence. On top of that, heating energy should be saved in this way. The cost of the retrofit: 670 euros. The second round of allocations, in which the remaining funds from the municipal funding pot for this year will be released, should take place in autumn.

Down to business

The federal funding program

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has launched a funding program for the renovation of municipal facilities in the areas of sport, youth and culture. As part of this program, the federal government will provide funds totaling 600 million euros in 2021 to promote investments in municipal facilities. The focus of funding is on sports facilities, such as publicly used sports fields including structural ancillary facilities, gyms, indoor swimming pools and outdoor pools. According to the federal government, there is a particular backlog in terms of repairs at these points. The effect of the projects on social cohesion as well as social integration in the municipality and the district development policy also play a role. Structural renovation and the expansion of facilities are funded – new buildings are only eligible in exceptional cases. The contribution ranges from half a million to three million euros as a maximum.



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