This is the US Supreme General’s Panic Mode over China’s Hypersonic Missiles

loading… WASHINGTON – Supreme general United States of America (USA), Mark Milley, voices panic about hypersonic missile test China which sounds scary. The reaction of the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff is actually a modus operandi for Washington to spend trillions of dollars on modernizing weapons that are ultimately not used. “I […]

The Nuclear Race Is Stupid, We Can Eliminate the US in 1 Time

loading… BEIJING – Chief editor of government-run media China ; Global Times, says race nuclear weapons matching the numbers is stupid work. According to him, all that is required is the ability to obliterate United States of America (US) only in once. “China will not engage in a nuclear arms race with the US. We […]

This is the reason the US is surprised by China’s nuclear-capable hypersonic missile test

loading… WASHINGTON – Intelligence community United States of America (USA) stunned by test launch hypersonic missile nuclear capable China . According to experts, the logical reason is that Beijing’s weapons would render Washington’s advanced missile defense systems useless. Beijing’s hypersonic missiles, which weapons experts have dubbed “space nukes” will be a game-changing weapon that can […]

The US Does Not Accept Being Called Loser in the AI ​​Battle with China

loading… WASHINGTON – Military United States of America (US) can’t accept being called a loser in the battle for supremacy artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence with China . On the other hand, Washington mocks Beijing, which they say is only operating in a vacuum with malicious cyber-attack methods. The US Army’s Chief Information Officer, […]

If you’re not afraid, let’s meet in the sky!

loading… BEIJING – A senior Air Force (AU) official China spit open challenges to United States of America (US). He challenged Washington’s warplanes to face Beijing in the skies. People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLA-AF) Deputy Commander Wang Wei said America should be afraid of China’s growing military power. Also read: Prince of Saudi Arabia: […]

Chinese Warship Fleet Reportedly Sailing Near Alaska, US Action Reply?

loading… WASHINGTON – A site affiliated with the Ministry of Defense United States of America (USA) reported on Sunday that a warship strongest belongs China recently sailed in near international waters Alaska . But the report was deleted for unknown reasons on Monday. The US Department of Defense reported Sunday on the Defense Visual Information […]

China is angry when the US sells massive arms to Taiwan

loading… BEIJING – Government China threw out his anger after the Government United States of America (US) announced its agreement to sell large-scale arms to Taiwan. Beijing vowed to take action it said was legitimate in response. “Taiwan is an inseparable part of China’s territory. The United States interferes in China’s internal affairs and undermines […]

‘Playing With Fire Will Burn Yourself’

loading… BEIJING – Government China warn United States of America (USA) to stop supporting Taiwan. Beijing insists its military is always on high alert to crush any attempt to separate Taiwan from China. The warning was conveyed by Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian, at a press conference Thursday Beijing time. Also read: China Annoys […]

Beijing Calls US Making China an ‘Imaginary Enemy’

loading… BEIJING – China blame United States of America (USA) top in a two-way relationship, accusing him of creating “imaginary enemies”. This was said by Chinese officials during a meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman. Sherman, arrived in China yesterday for rare face-to-face talks in the city of Tianjin, amid deteriorating relations […]