‘Playing With Fire Will Burn Yourself’

loading… BEIJING – Government China warn United States of America (USA) to stop supporting Taiwan. Beijing insists its military is always on high alert to crush any attempt to separate Taiwan from China. The warning was conveyed by Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian, at a press conference Thursday Beijing time. Also read: China Annoys […]

Beijing Calls US Making China an ‘Imaginary Enemy’

loading… BEIJING – China blame United States of America (USA) top in a two-way relationship, accusing him of creating “imaginary enemies”. This was said by Chinese officials during a meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman. Sherman, arrived in China yesterday for rare face-to-face talks in the city of Tianjin, amid deteriorating relations […]

Cold War Tactics, CIA Will Deploy Chinese Specialists to Fight China

loading… WASHINGTON – United States of America (USA) plans to deploy specialists China to face Beijing in an increasingly heated competition. This plan was presented by the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) William Burns. The CIA admitted that this method imitated what America had done when it was involved in the Cold War […]

It’s a form of baseless oppression

loading… BEIJING – China rejects the decision United States of America (USA) blacklisted dozens of companies from the Bamboo Curtain country. At least 23 Chinese companies, or have ties to China , blacklisted in the US. China’s Ministry of Commerce said the inclusion of Chinese entities on the list was a serious violation of international […]

Former Mossad Chief Confused US Is Antagonistic To China

loading… TEL AVIV – Former head Mossad Yossi Cohen, who served five years under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, admits he is confused as to why United States of America (USA) takes an antagonistic position against China . He also said he did not understand what Washington was trying to achieve with its hostile policy […]

China US Number One Challenge!

loading… WASHINGTON – Pentagon or Department of Defense United States of America (USA) has issued new guidelines outlining American military policy towards China . Washington’s military has also designated the communist nation as America’s number one challenge. The new guidelines were issued by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Wednesday (9/6/2021) Washington time. The guidelines […]

Xi Jinping Believes China Will Own America in 10 Years

loading… WASHINGTON – President United States of America (USA) Joe Biden told members of the country’s military service that the leader China Xi Jinping believes that Beijing will “own America” ​​in the next 10 to 15 years. Speaking at the Langley-Eustis joint base in Hampton, Virginia on Friday (05/28/2021), president Biden said the US was […]

US Worries China Is Ready to Take Many Risks to Conquer Taiwan

loading… WASHINGTON – Government United States of America (The US) is becoming increasingly concerned that Beijing may be ready to take more risks to conquer Taiwan . Washington’s concerns surfaced when the President China Xi Jinping is expected to start a third term. “China appears to be moving from a period of complacency with the […]

China will not be able to beat the US to become the strongest country in the world

loading… WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden boasted that China won’t be able to beat United States of America (US) to become the strongest country in the world. He vowed to prevent Beijing from surpassing Washington by investing heavily to ensure America wins in the race between the world’s two largest economies. Also read: North Korea […]