This is the reason the US is surprised by China’s nuclear-capable hypersonic missile test


WASHINGTON – Intelligence community United States of America (USA) stunned by test launch hypersonic missile nuclear capable China . According to experts, the logical reason is that Beijing’s weapons would render Washington’s advanced missile defense systems useless.

Beijing’s hypersonic missiles, which weapons experts have dubbed “space nukes” will be a game-changing weapon that can evade missile defense systems and strike anywhere in the world.

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Without confirming reports of the weapons tests, Chinese Communist Party media; The Global Times, said on Sunday (17/10/2021), that the news had dealt a new blow to the United States’ “strategic superiority”.

The media warned that military build-up would continue around Taiwan and the South China Sea, and it was inevitable that China would excel in any conflict.

The Financial Times reported over the weekend that US intelligence officials had been left dumbfounded by China’s August launch of a rocket carrying a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile.

China officially announced the launch of the 77th and 79th Long March 2C rockets in July and August, but there was no announcement of the 78th launch.

The Financial Times reported the 78th “secret launch” was to test hypersonic missiles.

The newspaper, citing several people close to American intelligence, said the rocket was carrying a “hypersonic glide vehicle” that circled the globe in low-orbit space before shooting toward its target.



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