Listen, Powerful and Simple Ways to Recover Anosmia with Aroma

PR DEPOK – For someone who is infected Covid-19 or the corona virus will experience various symptoms, one of which is anosmia or loss smell. Patient Covid-19 natural anosmia will suffer a lack indra smell won’t even be able to kiss aroma at all. But patient Covid-19 Do not worry, anosmia this can be restored […]

These Olfactory Exercises Can Recover Anosmia Due to Covid-19

PR DEPOK – Most people who are exposed to the virus Covid-19 sense of smell began to improve again, but for some people there are also those who have not returned. Quoted from Cleveland Clinic, on Saturday, July 24, 2021, there is still a lot of research to be done about the treatment anosmia […]

Children Lost Appetite Due to Anosmia COVID-19, Here’s a Trick to Overcome

loading… JAKARTA – Children become one of the groups that are vulnerable to being infected with COVID-19. Although the severity of COVID-19 in children is only 1%, the risk of children being infected is very large. One of the symptoms of COVID-19 that often appears is: anosmia (loss of sense of smell) which makes it […]

How to Restore the Lost Sense of Smell Due to Corona Virus

Jakarta Loss of the sense of smell or anosmia is one of the symptoms of COVID. Then, how? how to restore sense of smell lost because of the corona virus? Quoted from Healthline, anosmia can be permanent or temporary. However, it is not known when the lost sense of smell will return to normal. However, […]

Sense of Smell Doesn’t Work When Positive for Covid? Here’s How To Overcome It

The symptoms of Covid-19 are actually very diverse, not everyone has the same symptoms. One of the symptoms that are often felt by some people with this disease is loss of function the sense of smell and also the sense of taste. These symptoms of course make Covid-19 sufferers feel uncomfortable. The presence of anosmia […]

This is the difference between being exposed to Covid-19 and the common cold, doctor: the symptoms are almost the same

DESKABABLE – During this Covid-19 pandemic, many people become paranoid (excessive fear), especially when the body is not healthy. For example, getting sick flu Ordinary, direct shadows to a frightening disease, namely Covid-19. Though, between flu normal and Covid-19 exists difference striking, only the symptoms are similar. Hence, if you are exposed flu Usually, don’t […]