Parosmia Due to Long Covid Makes Depression

Long Covid sufferers experience parosmia to the point that it is difficult to eat and move.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON — Katrina Haydon has become depressed because she can’t eat, shower or brush her teeth in the same way she did six months ago because of parosmia. It is an olfactory disorder that is sometimes associated with long Covid or people whose Covid-19 symptoms last a long time.

Parosmia is the term used for any kind of distortion of the sense of smell. Parosmia is not like anosmia which is a term for the loss of one’s sense of smell.

Complaint parosmia Haydon started off with anosmia. He believes he contracted Covid-19 in June 2021, despite testing negative for the virus. He has symptoms such as a mild cold and lost sense of taste and smell, as many Covid-19 patients have experienced.

In September, symptoms of parosmia began to be felt by Haydon. He also feels a disturbance in his sense of taste, because sweet foods and dairy products taste like perfume that is sprayed directly into the oral cavity.

“Savory food smells like rotten feces. Hot water smells like rotten meat,” Haydon said, reported by Fox News on Friday (3/12).

Haydon’s reluctance to be exposed to the smell of hot water, such as from a shower or radiator, is perhaps the strangest aspect of his condition. Her bathing routine has changed.

“I used to shower more than twice a day regularly, but now it’s very difficult for me to shower once a day. I also have trouble brushing my teeth because toothpaste, even those that don’t contain mint, also tastes and smells very strange,” says Haydon.

Director of the Sinus Center at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Andrew Lane, said parosmia does not only appear in some people with Covid-19. These complaints can also occur after people are exposed to other viral infections or suffer from brain injuries, brain tumors, and multiple sclerosis.



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