Anosmia Signs Covid-19 Is Not Severe? This is Doctor’s Explanation

JAKARTA, – Anosmia is the most common complaint experienced by patients Covid-19. Anosmia is a condition in which a person loses his sense of smell completely so he cannot smell the aromas around him. There is an assumption that someone is infected with Covid-19 and experiences anosmia, which is a sign that the illness […]

Similar Symptoms, These are Different Effects of Norovirus and Covid-19

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Cases of infection Norovirus in the UK has tripled in the last five days. This inevitably caught the attention of experts. A total of 154 cases of Norovirus have been reported in the UK. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, here’s how to distinguish the symptoms of Norovirus from Covid-19. The […]

There are white spots on the tongue, watch out for Covid-19 symptoms

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – When looking at white spots on tongue, most likely it is thrush. Kailesh Solanki, dentist for Dentalphobia UK, said the white patches could also be a symptom of Covid-19. Other triggers may include smoking, antibiotics, diabetes, or anemia. “A break from smoking and drinking will usually help clear up an episode of […]

Not Just Cough, Muscle Pain Can Be One Of The Symptoms Of Covid-19

Photo: Illustration/ Jakarta ( — Various symptoms when exposed to Covid-19 are not only coughing and shortness of breath, but also include joint pain. In the WHO’s official website, it is stated that each person has a different response to Covid-19. Most people who are exposed to this virus will experience mild, moderate, to severe […]

Covid-19 is crazy, recognize mild to severe symptoms and their handling

Educational mural of the Covid-19 preventive health protocol. ( Al-Faritsi) INDRAMAYU, AYOCIREBON.WITH– Handling Covid-19 has a different way based on symptoms the sufferer. Even when you don’t realize that you’ve been exposed to the virus SARS–CoV–2 cause of infectious disease Covid–19, handling have their own way. Following Ayocirebon.with summarize the care of Covid-19 patients based […]

Don’t ignore it! These 3 Symptoms of Covid-19 are Getting Worse

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Most of the infections corona virus Covid-19 or about 80 percent tend to have mild symptoms and can recover with standard care. But in other cases, corona virus Covid-19 also can cause severe symptoms and can affect vital functions of the body. Most people experience early symptoms corona virus Covid-19 the same […]

Understand the Danger Days of Disease Development in Covid-19 Patients

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Covid-19 will be more dangerous and deadly for comorbid owners. But actually, there are some days that are considered crucial on Covid-19 patients which needs more stringent monitoring. Marking a calendar when the first symptoms of illness and monitoring fever and oxygen levels are important steps in monitoring coronavirus infection. Symptoms of […]

At high risk, these are the symptoms of Covid-19 that diabetics should watch out for

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. One of the people who must increase awareness of Covid-19 infection is someone with diabetes or diabetes. Be aware of the symptoms of Covid-19 in diabetics so that they get proper medical treatment immediately. Diabetes is a comorbid or comorbid disease that can worsen Covid-19 infection. What’s more, the second wave of […]

4 Symptoms of Covid-19 that Diabetes Patients Should Watch Out for – Diabetes is a comorbid or comorbid disease that can worsen Covid-19 infection. What’s more, the second wave of Covid-19, which is highly contagious, puts people with diabetes at high risk of disease severity, as well as death. Poor blood glucose levels interfere with insulin production in the body and suppress immune cells. Diabetes […]

Hoarseness and Sore Throat, Beware of Symptoms of Covid-19

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The emergence of a new variant COVID-19 in India, where a surge of infected people has made everyone should be aware of the massive contagion. According to the Covid Symptom Study application, five changes to the voice may indicate illness caused by the corona virus. Data from millions of app contributors suggests […]