The story of a young man who killed his friend and an old man, stole his money and fled Saudi Arabia for 28 years… and when he decided to come back, it was a surprise! • Journal of the Observatory

Al-Marsad newspaper: The narrator, Abdul Rahman Al-Dulaij told, during an interview on Al-Majd TV, a story that took place in 1982, for 3 young men who were drug addicts and ended up having no money, but they found a local sheep trader leaving the bank, so they decided to steal his money. Beginning of the […]

Answers from the oncology consultant • Giornale Al Marsad

Al-Marsad Journal: Dr. Noura Al-Manea, consultant breast oncologist, said that a mastectomy does not mean that “breast cancer” has developed, as there are cases in the “zero” phase and we perform eradication, and this depends on the complexity of the disease. He said, gombc In one week: “When breast cancer is detected in the early […]

A Saudi political analyst comments on the war between “Russia and Ukraine” and reveals the loser and the winner and when Putin will use nuclear weapons • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Political analyst Muhammad al-Nafjan has revealed his expectations of the Russian war in Ukraine, the role America plays in this war and the only thing he fears will happen. Al-Nafjan explained in a video he shared on “Tik Tok” that America is the one that wants war, and it is the country that […]

The story of a woman who refused to prepare dinner for her husband’s guests and went to her family. . And when she received dwelling, her shock was: • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A written content creator and proprietor of the “Tale with Faleh” channel, advised on YouTube the story of a girl who refused to cook for her husband’s friends and went to his family’s property, and when she returned to the marital home, she was stunned by what she did not anticipate. attractive spouse […]