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Lebanese Actress Shares Unusual Hotel Room Encounter in America

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Lebanese actress residing in Kuwait, Randa Hajjaj, told the story of a strange incident in a hotel room while she was traveling in America.

Hajjaj said, in a video clip circulating, that she heard the sound of someone breathing on her friend’s bed inside the room, all night until five in the morning, commenting: “Believe something is coming out.”

She explained that she was obsessed, and she began to lose sight of her eyes and open them suddenly, so she noticed that the room chair moved suddenly, and when she closed her eyes again, the chair returned to its place in an instant.

And she indicated that she raised the voice of the Qur’an in the room and began to repeat the recitation of “In the name of God, whose name does not harm anything,” so that she could sleep, but she was surprised by the rising of white smoke.

She pointed out that she was lying to her eyes and saying to herself, “This is not true, you are dreaming.”

And she added: Suddenly, Jani Jathoum, and she felt that she could not read the dhikr or the Qur’an, as if someone was holding her and she could not say the whole verse, and when she tried to get out of bed as much as she could.

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