Green certificate for the New Year on the square in Plovdiv

Only against a valid green certificate will the citizens of Plovdiv be able to celebrate the new year 2022 in the open in the city center under the hills. Anyone who wants to attend will be strictly checked at specially built checkpoints right in front of and around the stage. The fence will have two […]

4-5 thousand in regular buses delayed with checks on the border with Turkey / Video /

Due to the specialized operation, the bus traffic from Turkey to Bulgaria is paralyzed. With intensified checks, the Bulgarian border services have practically blocked the border with Turkey on “Kapitan Andreevo”. This was announced by readers of “24 Chasa”, who are blocked at the border checkpoint. The reason is a specialized operation against smuggling, which […]

NRA continues with inspections of Chinese and Turkish cargo (video)

Staff: NRA The National Revenue Agency continues with the inspections of the import of goods from China and Turkey. The tax authorities started their action a few days ago. Inspectors check for VAT misuse of clothes, shoes and accessories. They are often declared to customs at an extremely low value, and then increase their price […]

Eight people were killed in an explosion near the palace of the President of Somalia

Photo: Anadolu Al-Shabab militants claimed responsibility for explosion The explosion occurred at the moment when the police at the checkpoint stopped the car for an ordinary check. In the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, a car bomb exploded at a checkpoint near the presidential palace. Eight people died, another nine were injured, reports Associated Press Saturday […]

Six people suffocated in a factory in China

Photo: An investigation into the causes of the emergency is currently underway. Workers fainted while checking a water pump in a slag pool. They could not be saved. In northern China, six people died of suffocation in a factory in Baoding City, Hebei Province. It is reported by Xinhua citing local authorities on Sunday […]

In Kharkov, a woman’s breasts were amputated without warning

Photo: Doctors without warning amputated a woman’s mammary gland The doctor only had to remove a piece of tissue for histology and check for cancer, but the woman woke up without a breast. In Kharkiv, a woman’s breasts were amputated without warning, while they only had to take a tissue sample for histology and […]

Health pass: SNCF intends to carry out “massive checks”

“At the beginning of August, it will be a ticket, a mask and the health pass”, warned the CEO of SCNF Travelers, Christophe Fanichet, on RTL this Thursday July 22 while the Parliament leans over government bill providing in particular for the extension of sanitary pass in trains at the beginning of August in order […]

Security officials checked more than 100 gas stations of the Glusco network

Photo: GFS Access to filling stations at Glusco gas stations is limited The pre-trial investigation of violations related to the sale of illegally imported oil products at Glusco filling stations continues. Employees of the State Fiscal Service and the Security Service of Ukraine carried out a set of simultaneous investigative actions at 106 facilities of […]