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Surviving the Sweltering Summer: Tips for Beating the Heat

Temperatures that are already in the 90s Fahrenheit, humidity that makes skin sticky…

July arrived and with it, the strong heat of summer.

“It’s getting warmer, the ozone layer is decreasing and that makes the planet’s temperature increase, right? So it’s hotter and everything, right?” said Danilo Mosquera.


This is usually the hottest month of the year, so the city is on alert.

When the mercury exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, the NYC Emergency Management activates cooling centers or cooling centers in the five counties of our city.

See the list of these sites and other resources through the website

The centers serve the public and even have extended hours on the hottest days. One of them is the Sunnyside Community Center, where older adults gather to take refuge from the heat and in turn build community:

“There are a lot of people who don’t have access to air conditioning, fans, and so they actually come here. In the community we have lunch, we exercise, we do activities, sometimes we dance and everything,” said Kerly Serrano, director of the Sunnnyside Community Center for the Elderly.

And on the streets of Sunnyside, there are mothers picking up their children from school, others working outside, and others just walking. Some tell us how they take care of the heat:

“Don’t take them out so much and expose ourselves to the sun, even my son has a disease called thrombocytopenic purpura and the sun hurts him a little – it’s like purple – and it hurts him a little, with all the bustle of school and That’s why they come asking for water, hydrating them a lot and protecting them, above all, from the heat,” said Jerianny Chirino.

“Do things right, protect your skin a lot, and use a lot of lotion to protect yourself from the sun and stay out of the sun if it’s not a beach, don’t be in the sun,” said Jaylyn, another neighbor.

“Well, I always wear a long-sleeved shirt, well right now I had to take it off because it’s very strong, the sun is strong and I have to look for the shade, to park when I’m not ordering,” said Luis Daniel Palomino.


And here are some tips to beat the heat:

Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing.

Avoid being in the sun and avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Avoid heavy activities between 11 am and 4 pm (the strongest hours of the sun.)

If you are outside, hydrate every 15 minutes and try to be in the shade.

Check on neighbors, the elderly, or those with heart conditions for help.

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