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Singer Ieva Sutugova is going to become a mother

That a happy event is expected in the life of Ieva Sutugova, not a single spectator noticed a couple of weeks ago, when the musical show “Chicago Five – Return” started the concert tour of the new season on the Roja stage.

Even the audience spoke with a smile when the text of the show was spoken by the audience, when Gundars Silakaktins’ protagonist described Valentin Bhutan, played by Sutugova, as “a girl who sings and eats a lot”… While the actor smiled, rounder because there is a mother’s expectations. Ieva seemed even sunnier, more sparkling and smiling than usual on the stage, despite the fact that it may have become more difficult to move in high heels or sing at full power.

But the most mysterious of all this is the other half of Ieva Sutugova. As you know, Ieva was with the musician, pianist Jānis Miltiņš for many years. In 2014, by the way, in the same Roja, they married after many years of friendship, but four years later they were divorced. In the spring of 2018, Ieva did not hide from the press that she is a free woman and dedicates herself to her career, while maintaining excellent relations with her ex-colleagues. “We are not at home together, but we are performing together. Even after the divorce, Jānis has a good relationship because he is a wonderful person. It is a great pleasure for me to continue working together. Our common story was short but happy and beautiful. At that time it was the right decision, now it is a little different, ”the singer mysteriously said at the time.

In a conversation with the magazine “Kas Jauns”, Ieva confirms that she is expecting a child, but in the commentary about the other half she keeps the mystery. “It is enough for us to focus on this beautiful and wonderful news in my life right now. Although it remains so for the time being. This time it is such a choice – you want to stay “quiet”, “says the singer. “But everything is fine, everything is fine!” laughs Eve, not hiding that she is not married a second time, because “now there are other priorities”.

Although “I want to devote my thoughts and worries only to it” [mazuļa gaidīšanai], the singer has another important task this month – to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy. “There are still some exams and a bachelor’s thesis left. Then this joy will be present as well, ”says Ieva, revealing that the topic of her diploma thesis is the promotion of moral habits through children’s literature. As part of her studies, the singer has had several internships in schools and pre-school educational institutions, currently she continues to work at the Imanta Culture Center, as well as is a musical teacher at a pre-school educational institution in Riga.

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