Shanthinagar-Karni Bhagat chased the boars: Nattu Visesham

Kasargod: Shanthinagar – Karni Bhagat Janavasa Mekhla, Thampa Ticha chased three boars. A ten-hour effort led by a special task force of the Forestry Department At the end of the day, the wild boars were sent to the adjacent protected forest area. The mission that began on Saturday evening was completed by 4.30 yesterday morning. The local population and the police intervened on the spot with the full support of the forest department team. The lights in the houses are turned on when requested by the forestry department. Take part in the elephant hunt by strictly following the rules and regulations. Locals also provided water and other aid to the workers.

The house is located in a residential area of ​​the Karaduka Block Panchayat. On Thursday afternoon a special team from the Kannur division arrived to drive out the Tanas. Kannur Northern Circle Forestry Department Chief Forestry Officer The mission operation is supervised by Section Forestry Officer KR Vijayanath, Forest Officer of Beat M. Jithin, Anup, Meljo, Rajendran A. of NMR I am on the team .

In addition to them, the personnel of the Flying Squad and the Kasargod Division, including passengers from Kannur and Kasargod RRT. An elaborate task force led the journey of the elephants. Also present were DFO P. Biju, Kasargod TGSolomon forest ranger, secondary forestry officer NV Satyan. Kannur Division’s flying squad, Wayanad Jeevankar Rum, will participate in the mission during the day. Construction work on the solar hanging fence in the Pulipampu part is walking Iriyani was previously injured while chasing an elephant in the forest and the DFO handed Sanal a grant of Rs. 75,000 from the Forestry Department.

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