Selling a castle and moving to Latvia? Pugacheva’s grandson answered questions about the pop diva and Galkin

Information has appeared on social networks that the eldest grandson of the Russian pop diva Nikita Presnakov and his wife Alona are looking after the luxurious mansion.

However, the famous heir confirmed that these are all assumptions, as well as the news of the sale of real estate.

“No, I don’t live there. Alla and Maxim do not sell the castle. And they are not going to move to Latvia. Everything written on the Internet is not true.

My advice to you: do not believe everything that is shown on questionable channels, when a voice behind the frame speaks unverified information, “commented the 30 – year – old musician.

Nikita Presnakov was previously reported to have become the protagonist of a scandalous video, the author of which accused the grandson of the Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva of a serious crime he allegedly committed in the company of other celebrities.

Fans were drawn to the video, the author of which claims that Nikita Presnakov has become the culprit of a serious fire while watching the elite real estate of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin.

True, Pugacheva’s grandson hurried to refute the rumors and told him where he really was. “This author accused me of having fun with Nikita Malinin (I saw a guy once in a talk show) and Stefania Malikov (I have never seen him alive) in the castle to know how and to put out a fire, people suffered.

You know for yourself that all this time I am in a summer house (not a castle) or in Moscow, sitting at a house, yes, I disappear in a studio with a theater. I’m not going to justify it heiteru in front, “said Nikita Presnakov.

He added that while the video accused him of such a serious crime, he was actually investing all the money he earned in renovating Alla Pugacheva’s summer house, which is known as a family home. And do it at will.

Maxim Galkin, a comedian, the husband of the prima donna Alla Pugacheva on the stage, has already been reported to be one of the first members of Russia’s show business to condemn Putin’s war in Ukraine.

The couple with their children also quickly left Russia for Israel. Well, the Kremlin’s propaganda speakers have almost called Galkin “the number one traitor to the people,” he has been denied money in Russia, and all property has even been confiscated, including the gorgeous castle in the Graszi village of Moscow.

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