Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | Slovakia – Canada 1: 5, CUTTING: Missed chances and a clear win for Canada. Slovakia fell for the second time in a row

After the initial victory over France (4: 2), the Slovaks lost to Germany (1: 2) and their Canadian coach Craig Ramsay could not surprise his compatriots today. The bronze medalists from the February Olympic Games in Beijing have only three points after three duels.

The forward Adam Sýkora joined the Slovak team and at the age of 17, eight months and nine days he became the third youngest player at the World Cup. Only the current members of the cadre were younger last year – the best scorer of the February Games in Beijing Juraj Slafkovský (17 years, a month and 21 days) and defender Šimon Nemec (17 years, three months and six days).

The Slovaks could have taken the lead in the third minute, when Liška had an exposed goal after Lantoshi’s pass, but after processing the puck, Thompson managed to get into the angle of the shot. After that, Ramsay’s selection was defended during Rosandič’s expulsion, and in addition, Slafkovský got a chance in it after Krištof’s action, but the Vegas goalkeeper hit with a catch. He resisted even in the 8th minute, when Regenda did not succeed more than twice, and after him not even Nemec.

The next moments belonged to Canada. But Húska stopped Comtois’s escape with concrete, and after Dubois’s shot, the rod helped him. At 10:48, the defending champions were already leading. Severson’s shot was fired by the goalkeeper in front of him, where the puck bounced off Jánošík’s hockey stick and Lowry’s legs into the goal. Judges Ansons and Öhlund verified the validity of the goal in the video.

Húska then dealt with Johnson’s flow. In the 13th minute, the Slovaks punished Roy’s foul after six seconds. Takáč searched from the right circle in front of Regend’s goal, but the puck knocked Severson into his own goal in a duel with him. At Whitecloud’s expulsion, the German overshot.

Photo: Martin Meissner, CTK / AP

The Canadian hockey players fought in Slovakia in their third match at the World CupPhoto: Martin Meissner, CTK / AP

In the 24th minute, Rosandič went to Comtois for a high-stab operation and in 26:11 he returned the Dubois lead to Canada. Slafkovský knocked his pass into his own goal. Immediately after the series of interventions, Húska distinguished herself while lying down with a catch at Cozens’ backhand arrest.

He could equal Tamáš in the middle of the match, but first Thompson hit and the second time the striker Banská Bystrica missed. In the 35th minute, the Canadian goalkeeper with a quick jump prevented Ivan from trying to score into the open goal. He then weakened to escape Lowry, but Húska covered his backhand bluff. In the time of 37:56, Dubois raised again, who broke through between the circles from the left guardrail and scored in the fall of the drag.

After 68 seconds of the final act, Claude Julien Sillinger, the team’s coach, added another goal. Jánošík blocked his first attempt from the right circle, but he had already shot Húska from a difficult angle. Sillinger celebrated today’s 19th birthday with his second goal at the tournament. “I’m representing Canada for the first time and it’s an exceptional award for me. It’s every child’s dream. When you put on a Maple Leaf jersey, you try to help succeed and you don’t think about your ego,” said Cole Sillinger.

Photo: Martin Meissner, CTK / AP

Canadian hockey players rejoice at the goalPhoto: Martin Meissner, CTK / AP

In the 52nd minute, he overcame the Slovak goalkeeper Geekie after Cozens’ pass. He had a great chance to correct the situation and score at its premiere four and a half minutes before the end of Sýkora, but he did not mature with Thompson with a backhand bluff.

“I think we have to focus on the next match. We need to fight and play as best we can, then we have a chance to win. I think we were a balanced opponent for Canada. But in the end they won 5: 1. That counts and it turned out bad for us, “said Slafkovsky.

Ice Hockey World Championship in Finland:
Group A (Helsinki):
Slovakia – Canada 1: 5 (1: 1, 0: 2, 0: 2)
Goals and recordings: 13. Takáč (German, Regenda) – 11. Lowry (Severson, J. Anderson), 27. Dubois (Cozens, N. Roy), 38. Dubois (Geekie, Graves), 42. Sillinger (Lowry, J. Anderson), 52. Geekie (Cozens, Holden). Judges: Ansons (LVA), Öhlund – Yletyinen (both Swedish), Seewald (AUT). Exclusion: 4: 4. Utilization: 1: 1. Attendance: 3585.
Slovakia: Húska – Čerešňák, Rosandič, Nemec, M. Ivan, Grman, Jánošík, Gachulinec – Pospíšil, Krištof, Tatar – Regenda, Minárik, Slafkovský – Lantoši, Miloš Roman, Liška – Takáč, Tamáši, A. Sýkora – Lunter. Coach: Craig Ramsay.
Kanada: Thompson – Whitecloud, Chabot, Severson, Sanheim, Mayo, Holden, Graves – N. Roy, Dubois, Cozens – J. Anderson, Lowry, Sillinger – Batherson, Barzal, K. Johnson – Comtois, Mercer, Gregor – Geekie. Trenér: Claude Julien.

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