SEGA July Featured Sale: Classic Games at 20% off!

With the beginning of the summer vacation, many special sales activities have started. Among them, the game giant SEGA has launched the “SEGA July Selected Sale”. Many classic games are on sale at as low as 20% off. Have fun at home!

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SEGA is now holding the “SEGA July Featured Sale” event on PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop. Part of the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch games sold in the game eShop are on sale.

The featured games for sale this time are, of course, the Sonic Mouse series. “SONIC MANIA”, which includes new levels, will be sold at a 70% discount. There is also the racing game “Team Sonic Racing”, which allows players to team up with friends to challenge. In addition, there are also RPG works “Shining Resonance Dragon Echo” and fighting game “BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining” in the promotional activities. You can choose exciting and family-friendly works. The special sale starts now and ends at 23:59 on July 19 (Wednesday).

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