PS5: How will backward compatibility of PS4 games work?

Sony is gradually revealing details about backward compatibility on PlayStation 5. It is already clear that the new generation of consoles we will not play games from PSOne, PS2 and PS3. We also know about support 99 percent of PS4 games. Now it’s time to explain exactly how compatibility will work so that players aren’t confused and don’t ask questions unnecessarily.

Japanese company operating backward compatibility described on the Twitter profile of Ask PlayStation JP, when she answered one curious Japanese player.

“If you want to play a supported PlayStation 4 game on a PlayStation 5, you can insert a Blue-ray disc into the console drive for the physical version, or download the game from the library for the digital version. Remember that if you want to play your PS4 games that you own on Blu-ray discs, you need to make sure that you have purchased a new generation standard model with a Blu-ray drive. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the lack of specific information about PS5 backward compatibility. “

As can be seen, Sony hereby confirmed that just insert the supported game into the drive or download it from PlayStation Store, but you will no longer need to download any updates.

It is worth remembering that some PS4 and PS VR games will be for the PlayStation 5 improved. According to the official website, players should enjoy a faster and smoother frame rate. Here it is appropriate to add that DualShock 4 will work for PS4 gameswhile for PS5 games you need to have a new DualSense driver. It’s also good to know that The PS5 supports the PlayStation VR headset.

PlayStation 5 will come out with us 19. 11. this year for 13 490 CZK (499 euros) for the version with mechanics and 10 790 CZK (399 euros) for the Digital Edition. Well-known analyst Daniel Ahmad claimsthat Sony chose the low price of the Digital Edition not only to compete with the Xbox Series X, but also to get its fans to buy a model without mechanics and increased her income. According to the analyst, Sony has up to 50 percent more sales of third-party games on the PlayStation Store than physical copies, while exclusives have about 30 percent more than physical copies.


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