Poll: Support for Social Democrats and Conservatives virtually leveled off on German eve of Bundestag elections

According to a survey by the Alensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research on the SPD, which has recently led the polls, 26% of Germans are ready to vote, while 25% of respondents are in favor of the CDU / CSU.

Meanwhile, 16% of respondents support the Greens, followed by the Liberal Free Democratic Party with 10.5%.

In turn, 10% of voters intend to vote for the right-wing Eurosceptic party “Alternative to Germany” (AfD).

At the same time, support for the left-wing extremist party Die Linke (Kreisie) has fallen to the 5% mark, failing which the party could lose its presence in the Bundestag.

Respondents point out that there are a lot of “undecided” on the eve of the election. One of the polls found that the number of Germans who have not yet decided which party to vote for and whether to vote at all reaches 35%.

Current poll results suggest that Germany is facing a painfully long process of forming a new government, as for the first time since the end of World War II, a majority coalition will require at least three parties.

During the survey, 1,554 respondents were interviewed between 16 and 23 September.

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