PHOTO: People arrive at the premiere of “Don Juan” at the Latvian National Opera

“Wolfgang Amadeja Mozart”Dons Juan “is, in my opinion, one of the best operas of the 18th century. So dramatic and at the same time comical. I’ve had that happiness with”Give Juan “to work several times, also in the production of Andrejs Žagars in 2009. The opera is very concentrated, with stable drama, many beautiful and popular melodies, which are known all over the world. This time it is a special pleasure that after the successful production of Mozart’s Director Marselo Lombardero and his team from Argentina returned to the National Opera in 2022. According to the libretto “Dona Juan takes place in Spain, the Spanish accent will be in this production as well – the events will take place in Buenos Aires.

Creative team in the hands of opera “Dons Juan has become an ironic and black comedy. Dona The guiding motif of Juan’s life is wine, lust, and women; he has replaced romance with trophy hunting – Dona The number of women acquired by Juan is in the thousands. Extreme means are also useful to achieve the goals – lies, deceptions and even murder, but in the end it turns out to be the way to hell.

“In our view”Dons Juan is a comedy, as its genre name Dramma Giocoso makes clear. It gives us a new meaning in some of the features of this opera scene, including ironic and dark humor. dons Juan is not a seducer in the romantic sense, he is not seduced, but rather taken by force. He destroys everything around him, he is a predator, a modern man, a harsh archetype of the modern man. Other characters in the show represent society and its social strata. We have used virtual scenography, which allows us to create an urban scenario for the adventures of our pervert in search of his own destruction. “Modern consumerism is dictated by the power of images, corporate news and social media, so we have used this concept as our guiding principle,” says director Marselo Lombardero.

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The creative team of the new production also includes Argentine artists – set designer and video artist Diego Siliano, costume designer Lusiana Gutmane, lighting artist Horacio Efrons, as well as Latvian choreographer Linda Mīlā and video artist Uģis Ezerietis.

The title role in the new production is interpreted by the soloist of the Graz Opera Nevens Crničs and the soloists of the Latvian National Opera Rinalds Kandalincevs or Kalvis Kalniņš. Other roles: Jūlija Vasiljeva, Tatjana Trenogina, Inga Šļubovska-Kancēviča, Laura Greckas, Katrīna Paula Felsberga, Evija Martinsone, Mihails Čuļpajevs, Artjoms Safronovs, Rihards Mačanovskis, Juris Ādamsons, Rihards Millers

Volfganga Amadeja Mocarta a librettist Lorenco da Pontes operates “Dons Juan “was first performed at the Count Nostica National Theater in Prague on October 29, 1787. at the Latvian National Opera”Dona Juan ‘s first production took place in 1921, the new production will be the fifth production of this opera at the LNOB.

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