People like Borisov have no moral right to talk about elections

“I think that people like Boyko Borisov have no moral right to talk about elections at all. Because this ugly phenomenon – buying and selling of votes, was not created by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but was created in some party headquarters”. This is how Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov responded to the leader of GERB, who stated that the police went to people’s homes and told them not to vote for GERB.

“These party headquarters are creating rings of companies to finance them and to have funds to be distributed in sacks and suitcases and distributed to the mostly poor Bulgarian population, to poor voters who are ready for 30-40-50-60 BGN to sell their vote and thus fail your destiny, mine, our children’s and grandchildren’s destinies. This is the political morality that people like Borisov have judged. These politicians know very well that buying and selling votes is a crime.” the interior minister also said at the celebration of the holiday of the Ministry of the Interior

He indicated that he was satisfied with what was done in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 5-6 months. “I really want another minister to be found who can complete such a volume of reform work in 5-6 months,” wished the Minister of Internal Affairs, who has been nominated to head the KPCONPI.

“There are no redundancies, no redundancies have been made – a minimal number of redundancies have been made. Administrative positions in regional directorates, which are 27 in number, have been reduced. These are redundancies of the position, not redundancies of a person who will be out of a job”. pointed out Rashkov on the occasion of the reform in the Ministry of the Interior. With her, some regional areas became sections, and sections – reception areas.

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