On Thursday in Latvia there will be heavy snow and a little rain

In the morning, in many places in the country, later in the northern regions, the blizzard will continue, blowing with the gusting east wind. In the morning in Kolkasrags the wind speed in gusts will reach 18 meters per second. Starting in the south of the country, a slow to moderate southern wind will turn in many places.

The air temperature will rise to 0 .. + 4 degrees, but frost will remain in North Vidzeme to three degrees.

Snow is expected in Riga, it will snow a lot from time to time, it will turn into wet snow, there may be a little rain. The gusty east wind will be replaced by a slower south wind, the air will warm up to +2 degrees.

The weather is determined by a large and powerful cyclone with a center in the south of the Baltic Sea. Atmospheric pressure is decreasing, in the morning in the South Kurzeme region it has already dropped to 979 hectopascals at sea level.

The warnings of the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center about heavy snowfall are valid, and in the southern part of the country – also for freezing rain and icing. Heavy snow is also expected on Friday, and in two days in the country it will snow 10-20 centimeters of snow, in some places even more. Driving conditions will be poor.

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