Coronavirus in Zaporozhye – passenger traffic in the “red” zone

From Monday, October 25, toughened rules for using public transport will come into force in the Zaporozhye region. The new restrictions will affect carriers that operate on domestic (urban) and intercity routes.

This was reported by a local Industrialka edition, referring to the minutes of the meeting of the commission on technogenic and environmental safety in the Zaporozhye regional state administration. The rules for drivers and passengers were introduced due to the complication of the epidemiological situation.

So, from tomorrow, the carrier undertakes to control that only drivers who have received a double dose against the coronavirus enter the route. The drivers themselves will monitor the observance of social distance and mask mode, as well as prevent 100% fullness of the vehicle.

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“Also, passengers will be allowed inside the cabin only if they have a COVID certificate or a negative PCR test, made no earlier than 72 hours. If a violation of this rule is detected, the carrier faces administrative liability,” the message says.

As previously reported OBOZREVATEL, Kiev patrols conduct mass checks of public transport for the presence of violators of anti-epidemiological measures. This caused strikes and refusal of drivers to go on regular flights, so as not to “ask for” a fine.

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