Now all developers can raise subscription prices on the App Store without asking customers

In early April, Apple began testing a novelty on the App Store: Price increases on subscriptions that do not require user approval but only announce the increase via emails, notices and messages in the app.

Now the company announces that the change has been introduced globally for all developers, and has published the rules that determine whether the user will be consulted before a price increase.

In order to be implemented automatically, the price increase must be a maximum of five dollars a month or 50 dollars a year (or the equivalent in local currencies), or 50 percent of the old price. Developers may only implement such an automatic increase per year, and in some countries customer approval is still required.

According to one supportdokument for developers, there are currently four countries that require approval for all price increases, including Chile.

Users will receive several notifications of upcoming price increases well in advance of the increase, with instructions on how to cancel a subscription if they do not want to keep it after the increase.

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