Kuipers: no new round of repeat shots against corona for the time being Inland

RIVM does not see the benefit or necessity of yet another repeat injection at the moment, explains Kuipers in a letter to the House of Representatives. According to the health institute, a repeat shot shortly after administration does increase protection against corona, but it is not yet known whether and to what extent that protection decreases again.

In the current corona-free period, RIVM does not consider it necessary to give groups that received a booster three months ago a repeat shot. The health institute prefers to use longer intervals than those three months, because that probably increases the immune response in the long term.


In addition, it makes more sense to start offering repeat injections again ‘shortly before an expected increase in infection pressure’, according to the RIVM. So in the fall. In the near future, however, it will be examined whether certain groups – for example people over eighty and residents of nursing homes – should perhaps be eligible for a repeat jab earlier.

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