Therefore, Apple is trying to stop page loading by all means

Apple has now released a report that points out the risks of so-called side loading. IN the report the risks to the mobile ecosystem appear if side loading is allowed. According to Apple, the threats have been exacerbated by increased reliance on mobile devices, which are driven by the corona pandemic. The reason for Apple’s […]

Test: Compact luxury mobile phone Sony Xperia 5 III – like no other

Tested product: Sony Xperia 5 IIIAward: 9 490 Sony was once the king of compact but uncompromising mobiles, too Xperia Z Compact-serien. When it was replaced by a couple of years ago Xperia 5, still narrow but in return extra oblong, it lost a bit of what was unique. But it has still been a […]

Iphone 13 Pro Max charges with higher power

All new Iphone models this year have larger batteries than their predecessors. The biggest difference is in the Iphone 13 Pro Max, whose battery has a charge of 4,352 milliampere hours, compared to 3,687 in the Iphone 12 Pro Max. But the phone does not charge significantly slower, and Chargerlab seems to have found the […]

Ifixit: Face ID stops working if you replace your Iphone 13 screen

Ifixit has disassembled the Iphone 13, and documents the various hardware changes in Apple’s new phone models. Among the news is something that can be controversial. Namely, it seems that the screen and phone are connected via serial numbers with the result that Face ID completely stops working if you replace the screen without having […]

Popular apps track you even when you say no

Washington Post has discovered that several popular apps send information that can be used to track users even if they have declined tracking or turned it off completely in iOS settings. Among the apps is, for example, the game Subway Surfers, which according to the newspaper sends 29 different information about the user’s device to […]

Apple releases iOS 12.5.5 for older devices

When iOS 13 was launched two years ago, support for several older models of Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch disappeared. Fortunately, Apple has decided to continue sending security updates for iOS 12. Now it’s time for iOS 12.5.5, an update that blocks a number of serious security flaws concerning Coregraphics, Webkit and XNU that are […]

TEST: Iphone 13 Mini – Apple’s smallest Iphone is a real powerhouse

Tested product: Iphone 13 MiniAward: From SEK 8,590 at Webhallen Since the Iphone Mini made its debut last year, everyone in the rumor mill has said that 1) it does not sell, 2) no one wants it and 3) Apple will pull the plug for it. Now, a year later, we stand here with washed […]

It is now possible to pre-order Iphone 13 in Sweden

It is now possible to pre-order Apple’s new mobile phones, ie Iphone 13 Mini, Iphone 13, Iphone 13 Pro and Iphone 13 Pro Max. As usual, the new models can be ordered directly from Apple Store or from other retailers. At the Apple Store, these prices apply to the standard models: If you want more […]

Xiaomi launches three new smartphones

Xiaomi has now introduced three new smartphones, Xiaomi 11T Pro, Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11 Lite 5g NE. Xiaomi 11T Pro has a 6.67 inch full hd plus amoled flat dot display with 20: 9 aspect ratio, a refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate up to 480Hz. The screen also has a […]