No one has ever seen Lilibet. But Harry and Meghan revealed how she was doing

It is a situation that the royal family may not remember. Meghan and Harry already have a three-month-old daughter, but the public still doesn’t know what she looks like. The fleeing couple probably decided not to show Lilibet to anyone. But for the first time, she revealed how their little girl was doing.

It seems that Lilibet will be, with exaggeration, one of the greatest royal mysteries. Prince Harry’s daughter and Duchess Meghan were born in June, but fans of the couple still have no idea what she looks like.

So far, Meghan has shown her daughter’s photos only to her mother and relatives from the upper floors of the royal family. But now a change has come. Although the ducal couple in exile in California still did not show the photo, for the first time they talked about how their daughter was doing.

“She’s beautiful,” Meghan boasted. Harry was more shared. “He looks so happy when he’s just sitting next to our son Archie or fooling around and running everywhere.” the prince smiled.

Harry also made sure Archie wasn’t jealous of his younger daughter. “On the contrary, he helps her in everything and tries to be her role model,” Harry said.

Queen Elizabeth II does not yet know Lilibet personally. or Prince Charles. Her baptism is also in danger. Harry and Meghan would like a traditional ceremony in a chapel at Windsor Castle, but the ruler doesn’t want to let them. Maybe that’s why they play offended and still don’t go to the UK with their daughter.

Fans believe Meghan mistakenly showed photos with Lilibet:



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