Call of Duty: Warzone moves the turmoil into the Pacific

It wasn’t just on Tuesday night introduction of the multiplayer Call of Duty: Vanguard, but we also had the opportunity to look at the new map for Call of Duty: Warzone.

As previously announced by Activision, the turmoil in the free battle royale event will move into World War II. Specifically, the Raven Software studio is working on Pacific. It will be a brand new map, which replaces the darker and gloomy style of the map of Verdansk with a lighter, more colorful and fresh environment.

Developers promise cross-play between consoles and all platforms, including cross-generation gaming, so you can play with everyone no matter what the platform.

A map of Warzone Pacific, which may not be the final name, has emerged in the pre-alpha version. Yes built on the same engine as Vanguard, which ensures seamless integration of weapons and balance of the game. That wasn’t the case at Black Ops: Cold War. Over time, players can look forward to new modes, playlists, time-limited modes and seasonal events.

Together with the map, it will arrive at the end of this year new anti-cheat system, which is undergoing the latest tests.



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