NEOS on the new education and science minister: the best education for all children and young people must now be the goal

Martina Künsberg Sarre: “Big thanks to Heinz Faßmann for his work, all the best to Martin Polaschek for the new job.”

Vienna (OTS) “I would like to thank Heinz Faßmann for the always constructive and appreciative cooperation, even if we often disagreed on the content. What has always united us in fighting pandemics was the goal of keeping schools open for children and young people. Faßmann has recognized the great importance of open schools ”, emphasizes NEOS education and science spokeswoman Martina Künsberg Sarre on the occasion of today’s presentation of the ÖVP’s personnel raids in the federal government. She wishes Heinz Faßmann’s successor Martin Polaschek all the best: “Martin Polaschek has taken on a major and responsible task in his position as Minister of Education and Science. So far, I have maintained a very good exchange with him as rector and of course offer him my cooperation in the sense of a constructive exchange for children, adolescents and young adults. “

“As rector of the University of Graz, Martin Polaschek has always advocated as much classroom teaching as possible in the past few months, has been looking for on-site solutions and I assume that he will do the same for schools in the future – just like his predecessor. Open schools with face-to-face teaching for our children and young people as well as open universities for students must be the declared aim of the new minister. “

Apart from fighting the pandemic, Martin Polaschek also faces important tasks, emphasizes Künsberg Sarre: “We finally need a courageous and ambitious educational reform so that every child gets the best education from kindergarten. Polaschek will also have to campaign for this in the federal and state levels. “

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