The Motorcycle Exhaust Position Is On The Right Turns Out To Have A Reason, Bikers Must Know This


Motorcycle exhaust illustration. This is the reason the motorcycle exhaust is on the right.

MOTOR – Here comes the reason exhaust motor its position is on the right, bikers must know this!

Often ride motor or have a special hobby with two wheels, but have you ever wondered why the majority? exhaust motor is on the right?

It turns out that the majority of positions exhaust is on the right motor there’s a reason bro, what’s that?

Most motor which are sold in Indonesia and the world have exhaust on the right.

Even though there are some motor especially MOGE, which has exhaust with a position on the left, center, or even on the right and also left.

Well then why exhaust motor the majority is on the right?

Endro Sutarno, Technical Service Division of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) said if the position exhaust motor on the right basically for reasons of habit.

“Because at the time of going down or up motor most people must be from the left,” said Endro quoted from

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