the plane from Tel Aviv arrived in Orio al Serio-

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The little one who survived the Mottarone tragedy and who had been kidnapped by his grandfather will now live with his paternal aunt in the province of Pavia

The small Eitan Biran, the only child who survived the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, back in Italy. The plane departed from Tel Aviv yesterday in the late afternoon he landed in Oriuo al Serio shortly after 22. With Eitan there was his paternal aunt Aya, to whom the court had entrusted the custody of the child before his maternal grandfather Shmuel Peleg kidnapped him with a blitz. Eitan’s stay in Israel lasted exactly 84 days: to unblock the situation a series of measures of the Israeli justice that considered illegitimate the claim of the grandfather to raise the child in his homeland.

Now Eitan will live on with the family of aunt Aya, in Travacc Siccomario, the village in the province of Pavia where the parents also lived, who died in the disaster of the cable car May 23 last. Despite the trauma suffered – first the loss of the family, then the kidnapping by the grandfather – the little boy appeared in good condition. Aunt Aya Biran Nirko, her husband Or and their two daughters traveled with Eitan. The child got off the plane in his aunt’s lap and after the passport control boarded a police car with the other family members.

We would like to emphasize that this was made possible by the correct application by states of the rules that protect children in the event of international abduction and certainly represents a good example of collaboration between states and a warning against international child abduction, declared Grazia Cesaro, lawyer for her aunt. Lawyers hope that the spotlight on private life is turned off of Eitan and opens a new phase that allows him a more serene growth path, even more necessary if we consider the terrible tragedy that involved him.

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