NEOS & JUNOS pupils: Open letter for open schools | NEOS

Künsberg Sarre / Plattner: Appeal to teachers’ union and student representatives: Stand up loudly for education! Vienna (OTS) – “Parents, pupils and teachers need a clear, transparent timetable and clear rules for on-site lessons in good time,” emphasize NEOS education spokeswoman Martina Künsberg Sarre and JUNOS pupil federal chairman Leopold Plattner. After the government wanted […]

JUNOS Burgenland officially founded today | JUNOS

Meinl-Reisinger / Stürgkh: “Right now it is important that young people stand up and become politically active. It is mainly they who have to shoulder the consequences of the Corona crisis.” Vienna / Eisenstadt (OTS) – After a year of intensive development, JUNOS Burgenland officially launched with today’s founding convention. Nils Grund emerged from the […]

Demo against school shutdown: “This is the end of education” – Coronavirus

On Monday evening, Viennese demonstrated against the school closings on Ballhausplatz. NEOS club boss Beate Meinl-Reisinger is also there. Since the school shutdown was announced along with the toughest lockdown to date from Tuesday, the waves have been rising. Many parents and legal guardians oppose the double burden of homeschooling and distance learning. NEOS boss […]

Young liberal students oppose chaotic school closings | NEOS

Plattner: “We have to take measures so that at least part of the lessons can take place in the school” Vienna (OTS) – The JUNOS students have always focused on equal opportunities. “For us, a good education is the key to a happy and successful life for everyone.”, So it is in her basic program. […]

NEOS petition for an end to the Tyrolean educational chaos

The aim must be to get the virus under control, not our children! Innsbruck (OTS) – A petition – accompanied by a large-scale campaign – is supposed to turn the tide in the Tyrolean educational chaos, says NEOS club chairman Dominik Oberhofer: “State and federal government are completely overwhelmed. Mask and test chaos, school closings […]