Natalia Gross misses her father. She showed a touching photo on his birthday

On Saturday, singer and actress Natálie Grossová published a social media article in which she recalled her father, the late Czech former Prime Minister Stanislav Gross. He succumbed to an insidious disease in 2015 and, as can be seen, Natalia still misses her father a lot.

Were it not for a serious illness, on October 30, former Czech Prime Minister Stanislav Gross would celebrate his 52nd birthday. And his daughter Natalie is still thinking about her dad. This is evidenced by the contribution she published on the instagram.

“The best dad would have a birthday today. Dad, you don’t even know how I miss your happy mood, let everyone say what they want, but you were the best guy! I’m sending you a good kiss up there,” the young singer wrote.

Natalie lost her father before she celebrated her 13th birthday. In 2015, he succumbed to an insidious disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Unfortunately, modern medicine knows no cure for this disease. The disease is insidious in that it destroys muscles and the body, but the head and brain continue to function. One is thus fully aware of one’s situation and perceives until the last moment that death is coming.

In the last weeks of his life, Stanislav Gross was completely dependent on the help of his loved ones. Until the last moment, he was cared for by his wife Šárka and a nurse.



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