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“NANOVO Band: Mikuláš Hrbáček’s New Revelation in Czech Music Scene”

Many remember Mikuláš Hrbáček as a sweet boy from SuperStar who touched the hearts of many female fans. Now he is being talked about as a new revelation on the Czech music scene. The young singer founded the band NANOVO and amazed the audience with a very extravagant appearance.

People may remember the talented Mikuláš Hrbáček as a semifinalist of the SuperStar competition. However, he surprised his fans with a new single called Nanovo, which he recently christened. The song is the result of the first joint work of young musicians during the creation in the studio and during the filming of the video clip. It blends dreaming and reality, both aesthetically and sonically.

The guests were mainly shocked by the transformation of the singer himself, because he made a special outfit for the song with his own hands. “I pasted a second-hand jacket with a bunch of flowers, the whole job took an intense 12 hours, and its value went from 40 CZK to almost 5 thousand,” Mikuláš Hrbáček boasted of his work.

“I dare to say that Mikuláš’s jacket will one day become a legend and maybe even be auctioned off for a huge sum,” joked writer Lenka Pastorčáková.

“For me, Mikuláš is a revelation in the most positive sense of the word. During the baptism, I heard various comparisons from the spectators around me: a young Robbie Williams, Harry Styles or Lenny Kravitz, Support Lesbians. I’m not surprised at all. NANOVO seems so worldly that people simply think, to whom to compare the band,” confided the writer after the baptism.

“Mikuláš is a talent, they are doing well with the band and we will definitely hear more about him,” predicted singer Eliška Černá. “I’m excited. Experiencing the guys live is a real experience. A geyser of energy,” Sára Lyčková, 1st runner-up of the year 2019, evaluated the band. Mikuláš Hrbáček might become a new superstar of Czech music.

Mikuláš Hrbáček sang in the SuperStar competition in 2020:


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