Habera doesn’t take napkins in SuperStar: You’re as deaf as a log!

After the initial false tones, the jury’s eyes almost fall out of their sockets and they have to stifle a lot of laughter. SuperStar: Habera arranged what his funeral would look like! “I think you’re as deaf as a log! As if completely, “ goes out Habera after singing the brunette plans for a shining […]

She was the youngest SuperStar finalist. Now she undressed in front of the lens

SuperStar is already returning to the TV Nova screens today, you can also watch them a week in advance Voyo. One of the most successful participants of previous years is Eliška Rusková, who entered the singing competition at the age of only 15. Many spectators thought it was a gray mouse, then their mouths were […]

Moving and separation: Monika Bagárová put everything in perspective

There has long been speculation as to whether singer Monika Bagárová and successful MMA wrestler Makhmud Muradov broke up. For several long weeks, her supporters have noticed that Bagárová does not publish any of their joint pictures. Eventually, the singer ran out of patience and told her how it really was. Monika Bagárová and Makhmud […]

Ratings « Austin Aries vs. Teddy Hart « Matches « CAGEMATCH

1 11.03.2021 becky2belts 9.0 2 08.03.2021 Roach 3 22.12.2020 Damian 8.0 4 06.08.2020 Larianto15 8.0 5 31.07.2020 BenDenV6 8.0 This was a long brutal match with lots of very impressive spots all with good in-ring storytelling and both men giving it all for a satisfying finish. May end up being the last PPV match of […]

Bagárová and Pagáčová in SuperStar: She also shoots with her daughters

Juror Patricie Pagáčová (32) a Monika Bagárová (26) They take their daughters to the studios with them. Singer of the annual Ruminka, actress of the four-week Bibiana. The line-up does not change otherwise – he will be a katya with them Leoš Mareš (45), Marián Čekovský (44) and Pavol Habera (59). Monika Bagárová: They look […]

The SuperStar star has become a mom! The son was given an unusual name

Alžběta Kolečkářová, made famous by SuperStar a decade ago, is happy with her baby. She named her second son Lenny. He and his boyfriend are raising three-year-old Louise. The singer got pregnant last year shortly after she managed to lose 22 kilos with hard work. She immediately began to gain weight again. “As soon as […]

Portugal’s captain Ronaldo defiantly after Torklau

March 28, 2021 at 4:55 am World Cup qualification : Portugal’s captain Ronaldo defiantly after Torklau Portugal’s captain Cristiano Ronaldo reacts during the game. Photo: Darko Vojinovic / AP / dpa Belgrade Shortly after the goal theft and the missed victory as a result, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo had his head clear again for a […]