Married paralyzed artist Mareks Odumiņš

Odumiņš creates his paintings by holding a brush in his mouth because he is paralyzed. He admits that he has survived a range of different emotions over the years. Once upon a time, there was a despair that you would have to live without a relationship: I usually ask God for what I want. It was the same in this situation – I pray for a relationship. God bless what your heart longs for. ”

Odumiņš revealed how he had met his beloved: “She invited me to a children’s event organized by the church so that I could tell them about myself and show them how I was painting, holding a brush in my mouth. Word by word, and we have been together for more than a year. ” After about a year of friendship, this spring Mareks seduced his beloved, but now at the end of the summer the couple celebrated their wedding.

Marek Odumins’ life changed in an instant, when on the evening of July 2012, his party with friends and a swim in the lake ended with a broken neck and many months of fighting for life. Until then, Marek was a sporty and active young man. For several years now, he has been completely paralyzed and is only able to move his facial muscles. Despite the great blow of life, Marek has not lost his joy of life, is full of optimism and believes that everything will work out if he wants to and is purposeful.

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