Macron promises to step up action against Islamic extremists

“That doesn’t mean there will be more announcements,” said Macron, who arrived in the Paris suburbs four days after the assassination of a history teacher, which shocked entire French society. “Our fellow citizens are waiting for action. This action will be activated.”

Among other things, the owner of the Elysee Palace said that an organization affiliated with the Palestinian radical Islamist movement Hamas, which was “directly involved” in the murder of the teacher, would be disbanded.

The decision to ban the “Sheikh Yassin collective” named after Hamas’ founder will be made at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the president said.

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Abdullah Anzorov, an 18-year-old Chechen immigrant, was reportedly murdered on Friday by history teacher Samuel Pati, who had shown his students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Teacher Pat was murdered on the western outskirts of Paris in Conflan-Sentonorin at the school where he worked.

Police later shot the killer, and he died from his injuries.

On Monday, French police conducted a search of the homes of people suspected of being linked to Islamic radical networks.

The authorities have promised to take firm action against the spread of hatred, preachers of radicalism and other elements that threaten France’s security.

Macroon has expressed serious concerns after the assassination that there are hostile elements among French Muslims who are trying to impose conservative Islamic views on communities. The president has called it Islamist separatism.

Interior Minister Gerald Dermanen said this week that France had been attacked by an enemy from within.

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  1. to me, insulting religion is tantamount to insulting and intolerance, the tongue is sharper than a sword, so just accept the consequences of being beheaded, so that there is no longer insulting other religions, and this is not terrorism.

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