How to fight toothache with a totally natural remedy

Toothache is one of the most annoying problems you can have. If you also suffer from this disorder, do not immediately go for Oki or other medicines. Sometimes a little trick is enough to soothe the pain! Discover with us at ProiezionidiBorsa how to fight toothache with a totally natural remedy.

The clove comes to our aid

An excellent ally against your “poisoned tooth” can be represented by a spice not too common in local kitchens, the clove. This vegetable, in fact, grows in exotic and distant places, such as the Antilles or in the Indonesian islands.

The bud is taken directly from the tree and then dried in order to preserve its characteristic scent. Being a foreign product, few Italians know about its innumerable therapeutic qualities. And among these, in fact, its pain-relieving power.

It is a powerful pain reliever

These small pistils are able to significantly reduce pain, especially in the mouth area. For this reason, eugenol, a powerful disinfectant for the oral tract, derives from cloves. In fact, this product is also present in some anesthetizing toothpastes.

If you have pain, then try chewing on a nail or rubbing it near the gum. The pain will subside in no time.

In the same way it helps for contractures and joint pains. In this case, just heat this spice in a pan or microwave. Then, after having wrapped it inside a clean and dry cloth, it is necessary to apply it on the painful part. As long as the cloves give off heat, they will help lessen your sense of discomfort.

We have therefore seen how to fight this painful annoyance with a natural remedy.

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