“Jēkabpils Lūšu” volleyball players go to the Italian club and withdraw their participation from the Eurocups

Throughout the week, the residents of Jēkabpils were not clear about the games, but on Friday evening it was decided to cancel the team’s participation in the competition.

Both Jēkabpils and the Milan club offered their opponents to play both games, but neither of the clubs was ready to give in to such a scenario, because then the game would go along the nose for the fans of the guest team. In the case of Latvians, it would not be possible to see it on television or on any of the Internet platforms. Consequently, “Jēkabpils Lūši” had to make a sportlessly unpopular decision, but at the same time economically justified and safer for health. Covid-19 rates are growing all over the world, and not only in Latvia do epidemiologists call on people to be careful.

The Milan club currently ranks third in the Italian championship with five wins in seven games. Representatives of Jekabpils admit that the Italians are superior to them, so the probability that victory would be won in Milan was small.

In the last phase of negotiations, “Jēkabpils Lūši” even agreed to broadcast both games in Milan, provided that our viewers will have the opportunity to see it on television or on the Internet, but the Italians did not agree. Risking their health, dividing their spectators, and spending large sums of money in the current situation without guarantees, without any return, prompted the club to withdraw from the Challenge Cup altogether.

“We are surprised by the actions of the Allianz Powervolley club in general. It is unfortunate that they ignored our spectators’ volleyball festival. I believe that such communication is not worthy of a series A club,”

In the Czech Republic, which took over the Covid-19 outbreak, there are two opponents of Latvian clubs in the first round of the CEV Challenge Cup – “RTU Border Guard” / “Jurmala” will meet with the “lions” of Prague, but in the women’s tournament RVS / LU – with “Ostrava”. If women’s clubs have almost a month before the games, men have to play next week. As even team training is not allowed in the Czech Republic at the moment, “Lvi” agreed to spend both fights in Latvia.

The Czechs arrive in Latvia on Saturday at midnight, arriving in Latvia on a week-long visit. The games are scheduled for November 5 and 6, and the next day after the second game, guests will go home.

“At the moment we only know the composition of the opponents. We still have to play two matches in the” Credit24 “master class this weekend. [viesos ar Tallinas “TalTech” un ar “Parnu”. – LVF Preses dienests], who have to prepare, “says Raimonds Vilde, the head coach of the seafarers, about the time before the Challenge Cup games.” It is also planned to call Tomas Vanags, who plays in the Czech Republic, and ask for his opinion. I think we’ll get a video and get ready for the cup games next week. “

Vilde says that without seeing an opponent, it is currently difficult to predict who is the game’s favorite. It is known that the Czechs are not training at the moment, and the good thing is that both games will take place on their field, because driving away to the game will be abandoned.

“Let’s get ready, because we have a lot to work on,” says the Jurmala team coach. “Of course, we will explore the opponent as well, but we need to focus more on our game. I would like more return on the field from some” old “player. I want to see the fight no matter how well we play and how we do. – both performance and psychological. “

It is hoped that diagonal player Matiss Gabdullin will also be in line for both matches with the Czech club. Formalities are still being completed. “I have no doubt that he is in good physical condition, but he will see what he will look like on the field, because we are scheduled to join him only on November 3-4,” both happy to diversify the game and cautious about Matiss joining Vilde.

Entrance to the spectators of the Jurmala team Challenge Cup games will be by invitation.

32 teams participate in the men’s challenging cup competition this season.

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