Fred van Leer responds to a leaked sex video

The 44-year-old presenter and stylist Fred van Leer has responded to the leaked sex video. The video in which the stylist can be seen was distributed on WhatsApp, among others. “It’s terrible what happened,” Fred said on his Instagram.

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‘Offline in the near future’

While it seemed the stylist wouldn’t respond, a response appeared on Friday night. “I am very moved by all the sweet messages and the compassion”, Fred starts his message on Instagram. “I need time to process it, which is why I will be offline for some time to come.”


“We know that something is in circulation. This is private, which should also remain private, ” said Fred’s management. His lawyer advises to file a report. For now, Fred says he is in good hands: “I am surrounded by lovely people who take good care of me.” It is not yet clear who distributed this video.


In addition to the people in his environment, some Twitterers also say that they will be there for Fred. Well-known Dutch people give the stylist’s message en masse likes. Even the hashtag teamFred was created by Bas Smit.

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