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Ivo “El Bulgaro”: The Leader of the Bulgarian Mafia in Spain

In Spain, Beihan Memzi Rafi, alias Ivo “El Bulgaro”, who is considered the leader of the Bulgarian mafia called “Rompekostiyas” (b. a. – Bone Crushers), and one of the most dangerous criminals in the country according to Telesinko TV.

The Bulgarian citizen is accused of trying to blackmail one of the directors of the “Seville” football club, demanding 500,000 euros from him.

The police detained Ivo “El Bulgaro” in a house in one of the districts of Madrid. He has demanded half a million euros from the club over a debt Sevilla incurred after refusing to go on tour to Mexico. The extortionists claimed to be speaking on behalf of a Mexican cartel known for its violence. This extortion is from 2019, with the main suspicions falling on Ivo, but he is not the only one arrested, there are four more, including a lawyer.

“Ivo is a tough character. I have known him for fifteen or twenty years. We met in a restaurant, the arrangement was that I would go alone. He began to speak, and after a while a man who was two meters tall and very physically strong appeared and allowed me to left. But I was forced to leave,” journalist and criminologist Javier Barroso told the TardeAR TV show.

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