How to Stop Smoking by Eating Healthy, Effective Food

Cigarette illustration. – For some people, smoking has become a habit in itself. Often people smoke in their spare time to get rid of boredom or even it has become a habit that is done after eating. Generally, people who are addicted to cigarettes will find it difficult to quit this bad habit.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t quit smoking altogether. You can try to reduce gradually the number of cigarettes consumed each day. Until slowly, you can stop completely from smoking habits that threaten your health, even death in the future.

One way to stop smoking that can be done is to eat healthy foods when the desire to smoke arises. It must be admitted that the desire to smoke or cigarette cravings it often appears when you begin to commit to quitting smoking. In this situation, you must be able to control yourself to fight these desires, namely by eating healthy foods

There are several foods that you can consume as a snack or when your mouth feels empty and you feel the urge to smoke. How to quit smoking Eating healthy foods is quite effective, but it takes strong will and determination in the process.

Launching from the page, here we summarize how to quit smoking by eating healthy foods that you can practice.

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How to Stop Smoking by Eating Healthy Food

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Eat healthy snacks

How to stop smoking by eating healthy foods first by preparing healthy snacks. When you feel bored which is often overcome by smoking, change this habit by eating healthy snacks when boredom strikes.

There are several types of healthy snacks that are easy to make that can be your choice, which are as follows:

  • Whole wheat bread or bagels
  • Whole wheat muffins
  • Fruits such as apples, bananas and other fruits
  • Low fat yogurt without added sugar
  • Whole grain cereal
  • Unsalted Peanuts
  • Cut vegetable sticks, such as carrots, celery sticks, cucumbers, chopped green peppers
  • Smoothies
  • Sandwich

You can consume some of these types of food as a light snack when bored and the urge to smoke arises. Always have supplies at home, so that when the urge arises, you can immediately get a snack to eat.

Emergency food

The next way to stop smoking by eating healthy foods is to provide emergency food. Emergency food in question is food that can be consumed when your mouth feels empty and needs a cigarette. With the consumption of some of these foods, the desire to smoke will decrease until it disappears. Here are some food recommendations:

  • Vegetables cut lengthwise or vegetable sticks from carrots, celery sticks, cucumbers, green peppers, and more
  • Sugar free gum
  • Sugar free hard candy
  • Sugar free breath mints

Frozen food

How to stop smoking by eating healthy foods the last is the consumption of frozen foods. In this case, the consumption of sweets does often help fight the urge to smoke effectively. But sweet foods can not be done in the long term because it can damage dental health and increase the risk of diabetes.

That way, when you want a sweet food like candy, you can replace it with frozen food. Here are some recommendations:

  • Frozen bananas or grapes
  • Low calorie ice cream bar
  • Nonfat frozen yogurt

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How to Overcome Cigarette Cravings

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After knowing several ways to stop smoking by eating healthy foods, next you also need to understand other ways to cope cigarette craving or craving cigarettes. It has previously been explained that the consumption of fruit and vegetables and sugar-free gum is very helpful in reducing the desire to smoke. You can practice this method regularly, when the desire to smoke begins to appear.

In addition, how to overcome cigarette craving the next can be done by taking deep breaths to make the body and mind relax. Find a quiet place, and do some deep breathing exercises. During this process, your heart rate will slow down and your body will be much calmer. Keep the rhythm, do the breathing exercise for 10 times, and feel the difference.

Finally, how to overcome cigarette craving by waiting for 15 minutes. Wait 15 minutes until the urge to smoke is gone. Read a book, listen to music, open social media, play games, reply to friends’ chat messages, or take a walk around the house for a while.

Usually, when the urge to smoke appears it will only last for a few minutes. So fill those few minutes by doing exciting activities that can distract you.

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What Happens When You Quit Smoking


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After knowing how to stop smoking by eating healthy foods and other tips, finally it is necessary to understand what happens when you start quitting smoking. When you smoke, nicotine enters the bloodstream and is quickly transported to the brain.

Furthermore, nicotine stimulates the brain to make receptors that release chemicals and provide feelings of pleasure. When smoking habits are carried out in the long term, the number of nicotine receptors will increase. Even for heavy smokers, the number can reach millions in the body.

That way, a smoker’s brain becomes dependent on nicotine to release a chemical that makes us feel good. The average smoker gets about 200 nicotine hits a day, so the brain always has a sufficient supply of nicotine to keep the smoker happy and stable.

However, nicotine in cigarettes does not last long in the body. When you stop smoking within 72 hours, the supply of nicotine in the bloodstream is lost. So suddenly, brain receptors don’t get the nicotine they wanted or got before.

This lack of nicotine interferes with brain chemistry, causing intense cravings and emotional reactions in the first few weeks of trying to quit smoking.

The good news is that these nicotine receptors will wear off over time. Although you need some adjustment time for the brain to live without nicotine. Of course this is not an easy thing.

This process usually goes well in the second or third week you quit smoking. And in three months, your brain chemistry will return to normal until you can be free from the smoking habit.


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