Gaidai announced the “bavovna” mass in the Luhansk region

Photo: Sergey Gaidai / Facebook

Explosion of a warehouse of Russian attackers in Alchevsk

The explosions broke out in Alchevsk and in the Svatovsky district, and in Shchastya they set fire to a “polling station”.

In the Luhansk region, a mass “bavovna” during a pseudo-referendum, held by Russian aggressors. Speaking of which informed Luhansk OVA chief Serhiy Gaidai on Facebook on Sunday 25 September.

“The polling station was set on fire in Shchastia. In Starobelsk, people ‘vote’ in the bushes near the shops. It is easy to find the bushes, because the handwritten sign ‘vote here’ and a man with a machine gun inform about this, “wrote Gaidai.

According to him, a “bavovna” was also recorded in the Svatovsky district and an enemy barracks “exploded” in the village of Mankovka, a collaborating farmer was injured

“Bavovna” in Alchevsk (pictured). Enemy warehouse. It still booms. And that’s not all “bavovna”, – added the head of the Luhansk region.

Earlier, Gaidai claimed this to hold a “referendum” in the Luhansk region occupants use false votes. It forces people to vote even without documents.

Russia prepares to introduce martial law – the media

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