The Ibex corrects 1% and loses 8,500 points | Markets

In a day without major macroeconomic references, the news about the new variant of the coronavirus returned to focus the attention of investors. Although the latest studies confirm that the lethality of omicron is lower than that of other mutations and that the resistance of the vaccines is higher than initially expected, investors opted for […]

Kamen Vodenicharov: At low activity the favorite “bites the tree”

Kamen Vodenicharov The surprises for the day will not end. In case of low voter turnout, the person previously mentioned as a favorite “bites the tree”. This is what the actor Kamen Vodenicharov told NOVA. With him in the studio was his colleague Dimitar Tudjarov-Shkumbata, who when asked if he had voted, replied: “Yes, and […]

Boyko Borissov will not become an MP

BOYKO BORISOV GERB leader Boyko Borissov will not enter the 47th parliament. He will give up both places he won as a list leader – the 25th constituency in Sofia and Plovdiv, learned “24 hours” The elected MPs were at a party meeting in Sofia today, 24 Chasa has learned. It was decided there in […]

Radina Kardzhilova voted with the baby, Deyan Donkov crashed the machine

The beloved actress Radina Kardzhilova voted today together with her baby, she admitted to bTV. She went to the polling station with eight-month-old John, but is worried about the low turnout so far. Deyan Donkov, the other half, admitted that he had “failed and slightly blown up” in front of the machine and admitted that […]

SANS to the CEC: 427 are the additional voting machines

Voting machines in one of the warehouses. However, these are the legal ones that the CEC knows about. 427 are the additional voting machines, which were imported in our country without being the subject of an order from the Central Election Commission. This became clear from a letter from SANS to the CEC, which was […]

Sofia Prosecutor’s Office: Geshev to ask the CEC for the immunity of Velichko Georgiev

Velichko Georgiev The Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office (SGP) proposed to the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev to submit a motivated request to the Central Election Commission (CEC) for permission to prosecute VG, a candidate for MP in the elections for the National Assembly scheduled for 14 November, the prosecutor’s office said. The proposal by SGP was […]

Radev in Saedinenie: I call the CEC to discuss whether elections can be 2: 1 (photos)

Rumen Radev shakes hands with residents of Saedinenie. Photos: The author This week, I will invite the Central Election Commission to assess whether two-in-one elections can be held. Thus, President Rumen Radev answered the question when the next parliamentary vote will take place. According to him, “we must be sure that the election administration can […]

With processed 21.63% protocols: ITN – 25.99%, GERB – 24.14

PHOTO: “24 HOURS” With 21.63 per cent of PEC protocols processed in the REC party, “There is such a people,” it received 25.99 per cent of the vote in the July 11 parliamentary elections, the Central Election Commission said. Coalition “GERB – UDF has 24.14 percent of the vote;” BSP for Bulgaria “- 13.95 percent,” […]

Voting was suspended in Sliven due to a problem with the lists

PHOTO: Archive In Sliven, the voting was suspended for about 40 minutes, the Regional Election Commission told Darik Radio. The reason is a wrong bulletin of one of the political parties, as the preferences are different from those registered in the Sliven DEC. Due to waiting for an order from the CEC on how the […]