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Since Pep Guardiola came to Manchester City coach in 2016 these have been the offensive and defensive team numbers for every season of the Premier League after 20 rounds have passed.

2016-2017: He scored 41 goals … received 22 goals

2017-2018: He scored 61 goals … received 12 goals

2018-2019: scored 54 goals .. received 16 goals

2019-2020: He scored 54 goals … received 23 goals

What we notice from these numbers is that when the city’s net is shaken a lot, it falls and thus does not achieve the league title in the end and that happened in 2016-2017, and is on the way to failure in the current season with Guardiola admitting that competition for the league has become almost impossible.

As City in all four seasons under Guardiola score goals, perhaps except for his first seasons in England.

That negativity in defense resulted because City lost five games in the first 20 rounds for the first time under Guardiola.

So what is the reason for this defensive collapse in Citi?

The first thing was the large number of injuries, which was the absence of Empere Laporte and then John Stones, the large number of injuries from Benjamin Mende and the failure of Oleksandr Zinchenko and Angelino to perform the performance expected of them.

And Guardiola finds himself forced to involve 18-year-old Eric Garcia in the Sheffield United match at the heart of the defense.

In the middle of the stadium, Guardiola did not find anyone to protect his team in light of Omar Fernandinho (34) and his inability to play all the matches with the same pace.

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This is with Rodry not taking some time to adjust.

All of this prompted the former city captain, Yaya Toure, to speak to English-language Sky Sports, saying: “I think the club should have defenders in January.”

“I do not want to blame anyone or Roderi because he is a young player, but Citi needs Fernandinho in the middle of the field instead of engaging him as a defensive heart.”

And now the winter transfer window is officially opened with the start of the first minutes of the new year.

Who are the most prominent candidates to move to Manchester City?

The English Sports Network reported that the most prominent candidates are Johnny Evans and Caglar Suyonco, defender of Leicester City.

Here, the obstacle remains in how to persuade Leicester City to abandon one of its players in the middle of the season, especially as it competes to be in the golden box and qualify for the Champions League next season.

This is also with the desire to include former Chelsea defender and current Bournemouth Nathan Aki, but the obstacle remains here that, according to the report, the glaucoma have a clause that gives them priority over the purchase if he moves.

Whoever succeeds City in saving him to save his season, and do not forget that he will search for a defender who did not play in the Champions League so that he can participate with him when he faces Real Madrid in the round of 16 in the month of February.

In return, who is likely to leave?

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According to English reports, Bayern Munich renewed its interest in the inclusion of Leroy Sane, who has been absent from the start of the season due to a cruciate ligament injury.

“We were very excited about him, but he had a big accident and we had to wait,” Bayern President Olli Hoeness said.

“I think the new coach has to sit in January or February to decide what he wants,” he said.

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