The disappearance of an Egyptian player in mysterious circumstances … and speculation haunts him

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" He declared the general supervisor of the ball in a team Ceramica CleopatraMoataz Al-Battawi, the player has disappeared during the past few hours. و .وضح "Mido Jaber He tried to enter his room at the team residence hotel, but he was surprised that the room entry card was not working, […]

Ceramica reveals the details of the disappearance of Mido Jaber

Watch periodicals news in a day .. Subscribe now Moataz Al-Battawi, the general supervisor of the Ceramica team, confirmed that Mido Jaber, the team’s player, had disappeared from the team’s camp. “Mido Jaber is not in the match hotel, and we were surprised by that after we entered the dressing room,” Al-Batawi said during an […]

Zamalek announces that the winch has been infected with the Corona virus

Ahmed Mortada Mansour, a member of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, said that Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wansh”, the team’s defender, was infected with the Corona virus, explaining in statements to Radio On Sport that the club had confirmed that the winch was infected with the Corona virus, and continued: The necessary measures have been […]

Shock in Zamalek due to the developments of Abdel Shafi’s injury

Hamada Tolba, a former Zamalek player, revealed new developments regarding Mohamed Abdel Shafi, the left back of Al-Abyad, confirming that he will be absent for an additional two months, due to his collarbone fracture, which he suffered in front of Al-Ahly in the Premier League. In statements on the “On Time Sports” channel, students indicated […]

Argentina are tied by Paraguay in World Cup 2022 qualifiers

A positive draw overshadowed the Argentina-Paraguay match, which was held in the early hours of this morning, at Labomoponera Stadium, as part of the third round of South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup Qatar. Angel Romeo opened the scoring for Paraguay in the 21st minute with a penalty kick, before Nicolas Gonzalez tied […]

Adly Al-Qiai reassures the masses about his health after his infection with Corona

Engineer Adly Al-Qai’i, the contracting advisor at Al-Ahly Club, sent a message of reassurance to Al-Ahly fans in particular, and the Egyptian football in general, about his health condition after being recently infected with the Coronavirus, stressing that his condition is currently stable as he lies in a hospital to recover from this virus. Al-Qiai […]

The Minister of Sports reveals the developments of the judicial inspection in Zamalek

08:34 PM Monday 09 November 2020 Books – Ahmed Sharif: Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports in Egypt, confirmed that the inspection committee for Egyptian sports clubs and institutions, including Zamalek Club, is nearing completion of its work. Sobhi indicated in statements on Sada Al-Balad channel, that the Ministry of Youth and Sports will […]

National Bank of Leela Koura: We contracted with Ahmed Yasser and Baha Majdi

Wrote: Abdul Rahman Tariq Thursday 5 November 2020 03:13 PM Hamada Hashem, director of the Contracting and Marketing Committee at the National Bank of Egypt, revealed that his club had succeeded in signing the two-team Al-Masry Al-Borsea, Bahaa Magdy and Ahmed Yasser, confirming that the coming hours will witness new deals for the newly emerging […]