Bubo Na Tchuto reports attempted robbery

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Rear Admiral Bubo Na Tchuto, the former chief of the Guinean Navy, reported Tuesday an alleged attempt by the military to assault his residence in Bissau.

The former Guinean naval chief, who is in a reserve situation, said he had seen soldiers in the vicinity of his residence in the Alto Bandim neighborhood, and that some would have tried to enter his home.

Contacted by the RFI, Rear Admiral Bubo Na Tchuto, former chief of the Guinean Armada, said he is unaware of the reason for the presence of military personnel in front of his residence.

Bubo Na Tchuto also said that Defense Minister Luís Melo was at his residence this afternoon and promised to find out from the Armed Forces Chief of Staff.

The former Guinean chief of staff urged Armed Forces Chief General Biague Na Ntan to control the military.

Guinea-Bissau is still awaiting the release of the results of the second round of the presidential elections that took place this Sunday.

The President of the National Election Commission announces the provisional results on Wednesday, January 1, as explained. our special envoy to Bissau, Neidy Ribeiro.

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