Dagmar Legante is cast from the TV show “Voice in Mask”

Detectives decided to expose the bright concrete jungle master, Leo, who performed The Weeknd’s song “Blinding Lights” and supplemented it with an attractive dance from the popular site “TikTok”.

Expressing several conjectures, Baiba Sipeniece was convinced that DJ Ella or Elīna Fūrmane was hiding under the Lion, while Samanta Tīna mentioned that she could be the personality of Star FM radio Maija Rozīte. Jānis Šipkēvics initially cast his voice as an athlete Jelena Prokopchuk, later mentioning that it could also be Aija Krištopane, but Krivenchy was convinced that the gentleman could also hide under the image of a lady, namely his colleague Edgars Bāliņš.

However, the detectives’ guesses turned out to be wrong, as the actress, TV personality, model and photographer Dagmar Legante were hiding under the mask. In the threads, Dagmar had indicated that she had a good sense of humor – this is confirmed by the fact that Dagmar has been a comedian on the humor show “Strange though” for many years. Leo also mentioned that he had participated in physical examinations, as well as been at the epicenter of the party. In 2004, Dagmāra became the winner of the TV3 show “Baltic Jungle Star”, he also directed the talent show “OKartes skatuve”, as well as participated in other TV projects, while Dagmāra currently realizes his talents in photography.

Leo also revealed that her roar was heard on the other side of the ocean, as Dagmar had spent two years living in America, New York, where she studied acting.

After the Lion performed, another childhood thread related to Lion was shown on stage, and it was an audio cassette. Why Dagmar explains this choice: “It was my childhood time when music could not be bought, it could only be recorded on cassettes and I have special memories associated with it. I had the first tape of the band” Modern Talking “brought by my mother from Germany.”

Asked about the experience of speaking with a mask, Dagmar admitted that it was very difficult: “It was a very claustrophobic feeling, you are breathing like in a tunnel. And I performed not as Dagmar Legante, but as a Lion, the costume helped me feel. My kids didn’t know about this adventure, because if they knew, I’m sure they would expose me quickly in kindergarten! “

Next Sunday, the show will feature five other participants – Acs, Lelle, Lutausis, Mākonis and Zieds, from which one participant will be voted again.

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